Oct 01, 2020    
Saturday Jun 13, 2020    9:00am
Theology for Breakfast - 9:00a.m. Saturdays

How to join Theology 4 Breakfast on Saturday mornings:

If you have always wished you knew more about Christian beliefs, this is your chance! Everyone who is interested--men, women, boys, and girls (suggested age of 14 and up), is welcome to attend. This will be a weekly reading as homework, followed by a Saturday morning discussion & explanation led by Pastor Joe. 

The book we are reading:

The brand new book by Dr. John Piper, Coronavirus and Christ (Crossway Books)!

You can get this at NO COST as an ebook to read on your tablet, computer, or ereader by clicking here.

To order a hard copy locally please call Victoria's Christian Book and Music store at (250) 384-7534 . Or you can order from Amazon by clicking here (NOTE: the hard copy won't be released until April 28 but in the meantime you can start reading the ebook version--see above.)

How to join the discussion:

Simply go to our YouTube channel (CLICK HERE) by 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. The live video will appear when Joe is ready to begin. It should be the most recent video in the list. Once it is live it will start playing and the chat window will appear to the right of the video. Just click on that spot where it says, "say something" and start typing. (If you are not logged-in to YouTube with your own YouTube or Google account, the chat option might not be visible.)