Get the Beacon Church app

What can you do with the Beacon Church app?

The app gives you access to a number of resources from Beacon Church all in one convenient place:

  • an invitation-only directory of members & adherents (If you attend Beacon, you can request an invitation here.)

  • the weekly bulletin

  • our YouTube channel for videos of sermons, responsive reading teachings, and devotionals

  • our SoundCloud channel for audio recordings of sermons

  • a link to our website

  • a link to subscribe to our weekly bulletin

  • scheduling info from Planning Center for volunteers (if you are already signed up as a volunteer with Beacon)

The app is called "Church Center" published by Planning Center, a very popular provider of resources for churches. We use Planning Center to help us plan and organize our Sunday services.

Download our app for Android devices

Click the above link to install the Beacon Church app on your Android phone or tablet

Download our app for Apple devices

Click the above link to install the Beacon Church app on your iPhone or iPad


  1. Select either Android or Apple above to download and install the app

  2. Open the app on your mobile device and allow any permissions requests

  3. Click "Get Started" and either choose "Use my location" or enter your location manually

  4. Scroll through the churches in the area until you find the logo for Beacon Church

  5. Click "This is my church" and enter your phone number OR email address

  6. You will receive a confirmation code by either text or email (depending on what you chose above)

  7. Enter the code and click "Next"

  8. Choose how you want to log in to the app (if you already have a Planning Center account you will be prompted to use that to log in)