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Sunday Worship Music Playlist

Visitors to Beacon Church often comment that the songs we sing are a bit different from what they hear at other churches. There's a reason for that.

Several years ago, the elders of Beacon Church made a decision to be more careful with what songs we introduce to our congregation.

We had always emphasized songs that glorified God, and drew attention to the truths of the Gospel. But we realized some of the songs we had been singing (and enjoying) were written by or published by individuals and churches that don't lead people towards genuine faith and sound doctrine, but away. We decided to avoid knowingly using music that could be used by our enemy to lead people astray. So, for example, we stopped using any music by groups like Hillsong or Bethel Church, or individuals like Matt Maher.

Since the songs we sing might be unfamiliar to many, one of our song leaders had the good idea to make a playlist of our Sunday music and share it via Spotify. We encourage you to use this playlist to learn the songs we sing together on Sundays, but even more, to worship Jesus Christ as you go about your day. Enjoy!



We now have added a playlist for YouTube Music!

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