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Weekly "Catechism" (Responsive Readings)

Most Sunday services at Beacon Church include a few minutes in which one of the elders introduces a question and answer from the New City Catechism. That elder will take us into the Bible to see how this doctrine arises from what the Bible plainly teaches. Then everyone in the congregation who believes the doctrine in question will stand up and, in an act of unity, read out loud the words on the screen, confessing what we believe.

We encourage you to get your Bible and watch these videos. We call this portion of the Sunday service "the Responsive Reading" because it includes the participation and response of the whole congregation of believers. But the question and answer format is traditionally called a "catechism". Catechisms have been useful throughout the history of Christianity for teaching new believers what Christians believe, but also for training children about the faith of their parents even before they come to believe it themselves. You may want to watch these videos together with your children, Bibles open, and discuss them together. However you use them, we pray you will be deepened in your love for God and for His Word.

Listed immediately below is the YouTube playlist containing all of our catechism / responsive reading teachings. Below that you will find a video in which Dr. Tim Keller explains why catechisms are important (and a bit about this one). You can find out more about the New City Catechism, along with other resources for using it, at

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