Connect with Beacon Church

New here?

If you're new to our church, the first way to connect with us is by introducing yourself to one of our elders. They would love to meet you! Scroll down to see who our elders are. After that, we have a visitor's card, learning groups, monthly lunches and more to help you get connected. Click here to learn more!

Once you've visited our worship gathering on a Sunday morning, we would like to help you get better connected to other people in the church as well. There are several ways to do that. 

First, fill out a visitor's contact card and let us know of any questions or prayer requests you might have. This will also subscribe you to our weekly bulletin to help you know what's going on every week in the life of our church community.

Second, consider joining our Monday evening Debriefing, or a Bible study group for new believers (ask Joe for info). 

Third, throughout the year there are groups of people from our church meeting weekly to study the Bible and encourage each other. At times there are several groups available. Any of the elders can help you find the right group. Some current group descriptions can be found in our bulletin.

Fourth, about once a month we plan a church "fellowship lunch" where we visit and have lunch together as a church family after the Sunday morning service. Find out when our next lunch is planned by checking out our weekly church bulletin

Last but not least, perhaps you prefer to just attend Sunday worship for a little while first, before plugging in? That's fine. If you do that, though, we would like to invite you to attend one of the other events we hold from time to time like Christianity Explored, which is ideal for you anyone wanting to find out more about who Jesus is and what it means to follow him. Again, just ask one of the elders about that.

Contact Us

Local phone: (778) 400-8562

Toll Free phone: 1-833-579-5637




Connect with an Elder

Did you know that the word "pastor" is never used in the Bible as a title for a church leader? It's true.* We still have pastors at Beacon Church but we use the Bible's word, "elder." Our elders share the responsibility for leading our church, serving as a team, pastoring the church together. Our preaching elder, Joe, serves our church full-time.  Our other elders volunteer their time to the church.

If you need to get in touch with us right away, use the contact info above. Otherwise, use the links below to meet our elders, send an email, or just look for one of them on Sunday when you visit our worship service

Joe Haynes

Preaching Elder / Pastor

Rey Becada


*NOTE: The word "pastor" does not occur in the English Standard Version translation of the New Testament. However, the word "shepherd" does--sometimes about literal shepherds who take care of sheep; sometimes referring to Jesus, or church leaders, whose role is compared to shepherds. Those church leaders are called "elders" or "overseers" interchangeably.