Meet our elders

Andrew Melville

Andrew has been serving as an Elder at Beacon Church since 2019, and has been serving in worship, small groups, and other ministries at Beacon since 2016.

The ministry of Beacon Church has deeply impacted Andrew since he began attending in 2015. Through the regular preaching of God's Word, the Holy Spirit has been leading him toward greater trust and love for Jesus Christ. The faithful gospel preaching has constantly reminded Andrew of the grace of God, which is always available to be received through faith and repentance. Andrew is now focused on serving the church and teaching the same gospel which he has grown to love.

Andrew has been married to his wife Elisa since 2017. He works as a Professional Engineer in the mechanical design industry, with a focus on sustainable building design. He enjoys outdoor recreation, board games, and reading in his times of rest.

Andrew is grateful for the ministry of Beacon Church to him personally, and trusts that the Lord will use this church to change the hearts and minds of others in the same way.